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Patry White La Dictadora.

Patry White La Dictadora, urban music singer, recognized and loved for her novel proposals. In her fourth album “Pecado Original”, about to go on the market,this artist proposes a more daring work where she fuses reggaeton with more international rhythms as arabic and flamenco.

Born in Marianao, Havana on November 23rd, 1984 as Patricia Blanco Sigler the artist comes from a family closely related to art, in which the figure of the famous writer Teresa Blanco stands out.

From early ages she showed attitudes towards composition and singing. Her parents took her to training facilities such as Community Cultural Centers, where her teacher, the composer Jorge Reyes, prepared her first songs.

Artistically known as Patry White, an abbreviation of her name, the interpreter was an exclusive model for the prestigious Cuban fashion house “La Maison”. Her exquisite taste in fashion has made her a trending icon for Cuban young people.

Also known as “La Dictadora”, her initiation in the world of urban music was as a collaborator in the popular song “Chupi Chupi” by Osmani García. After that, in 2010, she released the single “En la celda de una prision”, along with the rapper Insurrecto, song that reached great acceptance by the public, awarding her a nomination for the LUCAS AWARDS, the most important award concerning video clips in Cuba. She joined the project CubaMusic Records where she collaborated in several singles for this well-known internet channel, fostering her great popularity.

In this way, Patry’s singles began to transcend, getting more prominence in Europe and even more in Spain, where she was invited to various television and radio shows. Although her training has been mainly self-taught, this hasn’t kept her away from success.

She proposes fresh air, mixing distant genres such as reggaeton and ballad, which are united in the songs of an artist who stimulates those who listen to their songs to open their senses. According to Patry, reggaeton is the root of everything she does; it’s the genre with which she is identified because of its strength and scope.

Were not little the collaboration she got in her first three albums: “Patry White la Dictadora”; “Muñeca Diabólica” and “La Reina del Party”. Artists such as Haila Maria Mompié; Alain Daniel, Alexander Abreu, Chocolate MC, Damián, El Príncipe and the group Charanga Habanera highlight among the much collaboration she got.

Nowadays, Patry White is a recognized artist who own’s a Recording Company under the name “Dictadora Records” as well as her own recording studio and label.

After suffering a car crash in 2016 that kept her off stages for more than a year, , today, she comes with more strength. Recorded in Cuba and the United States with producers like NANDO Pro, Tetris Black Box, The NEGROWAPRO and Exterminator her fourth disc,“Pecado Original”, is about to go on the market. In it, she proposes a different and very well achieved product with more international rhythms that will please, for sure, everyone who prefers the lyrics of this protagonist of urban music.

The disc’s first single “Atrevida”, fuses reggaeton with Arabic and Spanish beats and reveals a renewal in the performer’s work.