“Atrevida”: A corporal psychology revelation.

Enterprising and innovative is the video clip “Atrevida”, a video art by Urban artist Patry White, produced by Asiel Babastro. The presentation of incredible images of the human body, sensual as well as grotesque, demonstrate the unlimited aspects to which it can allude. A proposal that gets to the viewer.

Patry White is a willing, trained artist that is focused on her music. After a year off the stage, due to a car crash, today she comes stomping and does it with the clip “Atrevida” directed by renowned filmmaker Asiel Babastro. As its own name announces, it is an aggressive and risky topic. Achieved by combining new styles to her repertoire, this time she presents us a perfect mix of reggaeton with Arabic and flamenco harmonies.

More than a video clip “ATREVIDA” is a VIDEOART that takes from the aesthetics of fashionfilm. Here the director goes beyond the expected ends, as he expresses; in this opportunity, codes related to homoerotic essences are used. Scenes that return again and again, to the human body, to its limits.

Babastro quotes and discovers it in different ways; his intention: to show how far he can reach, how many thousands of things the body can refer to without necessarily having to do with sexual aspects as usually happens. It is a revelation of complex, risky images.

Atrevida is sensuality, it’s image, color and perception. It’s the liberation of an intense creative capacity that gives life to scenes that tear the senses and dislodge any thoughtful limit. A markedly metaphorical production that presents a discourse in which one reflects on light, forms, the way of surviving, of assuming existence. Not in vain lighting plays a fundamental role, worked mainly with colors such as red, blue, pink, with disturbing nuances that impel us to think about the multiple behaviors that are taken in life, stimulates to reveal, to dare. For this he also proposes a perfect game of contrasts that is indispensable to describe the psychology of this work. Babastro intentionally places within each white space some dark image and vice versa.

“Atrevida” seeks to apprehend the viewer’s concerns , impact them. Curious, almost inexplicable situations manifest once again, and in a thousand ways, a complex psychology that lands on the human body and its vast capacity to form, compose and discover infinite forms and perspectives that transcend the sensitive.

All in all, “Atrevida” is a totally enterprising, pioneering proposal that makes us think about how much we decided to do with our body and on the horizon of limits that we often hold, without even existing. It is first and foremost; to discover ourselves.